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23 women of other nationalities with extreme physical modifications

We're used to seeing piercings, tattoos, and scars, aren't we? But all over the world they have existed for centuries bodily modifications which we could define as extreme and which are not only an aesthetic decoration, but also, in accordance with ethnicity, represent social status, belonging to one tribe, and not to another, their place in society.

The women in this gallery are prime examples of these extreme modifications, and while most of us would never dare to get piercings or similar tattoos, they are beautiful and adorable.

Let's take a closer look at what are the most common body modifications and what meaning is attributed to each of them, depending on ethnicity.

Scarificazioni - Africa:

In many African tribes, scarification, that is, cutting the skin so that obvious scars remain after the skin heals, represents the transition from childhood to adulthood. This is because scarification is very painful, and constant pain indicates the strength needed for an adult. Motives vary from tribe to tribe, but women often have a design on their belly, which serves primarily to be considered sexually attractive. For many women belonging to this tribe, scarification is a necessary step for marriage and social status.

Giraffe Women - Burma

This type of modification, practiced by the women of Myanmar, is very aggressive: contrary to popular belief, it is not the neck that stretches. Putting more and more rings on the neck, the shoulders drop lower and lower. This ethnic minority living between Burma and Thailand sees the practice as a symbol of beauty, respect and admiration. Often women start wearing rings very early, from the age of 5, and will wear them forever. Living with these neck rings is not easy, and performing some of the everyday gestures is very tiring: just think that the weight of the rings can even reach 10 kg! As if a four-year-old child was constantly hanging around his neck ...

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Nose piercings - different nationalities

Nose piercing what we call today partition, takes on different meanings depending on ethnicity and is one of the most cross piercings because we find it in Africa, India or Indonesia. In India, for example, a girl's nose ring indicates her status, whether she is married or about to get married. On the other hand, according to Ayurveda, nose piercing can relieve pain caused by birth. Some nose piercings are so heavy that strands of hair can hold them back.

What do you think? The preservation of these traditions, and we have given only a few of them, but there are many more of them, is still a subject of discussion, especially when they consist of painful bodily interventions, often applied to children. Right or wrong, the women presented in this photo gallery are mesmerizing, as if from another planet.