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Yulia Morenkova


How often do you use cosmetics? Hardly anyone will be surprised by the fact that a well-groomed appearance not only cheers up, but also attracts the attention of others. And to look your best, it is very important to apply makeup correctly.

Makeup artist Yulia Morenkova knows how to choose a color palette for each skin type, smooth out irregularities and emphasize your natural beauty. With a professional make-up, you will look appropriate at a festive event, be it a corporate party or a wedding.

Julia is also engaged in the application of artistic tattoos. If you decide to decorate your body with a tattoo, then the first thing that determines the success of the whole process is finding a suitable specialist. There are many different techniques on the modern service market, and each master, as a rule, specializes in his own. At the consultation with Julia, you can discuss the sketch and agree on certain points of the upcoming work.

In addition, Julia Morenkova works as a tattoo artist and offers such services as eyebrow, eye, lip tattoo, correction and removal of tattoo. Julia will try to make you become her regular customer.

Specialist work areas: Tekstilshchiki (near the Volzhskaya metro station), Brateevo, Kuzminki, Lyublino, Maryino, Pechatniki, Ryazansky, Tagansky, Tekstilshchiki, Tverskoy, Vykhino-Zhulebino, Yuzhnoportovy, Zyablikovo.

make-up artist, lashmaker, tattoo, permanent makeup
tattoo correction, makeup, eyebrow microblading, eyebrow powder coating, eyelashes and eyebrows, tattoo and piercing, eyebrow tattoo, eye tattoo, lip tattoo, tattoo removal
Professional experience
6 years


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Proletarskaya, Volgogradsky prospect, Textile workers, Kuzminki, Vykhino, Ryazansky avenue, Trubnaya, Dubrovka, Kozhukhovskaya, Printers, Volzhskaya, Lyublino, Maryino, Peasant outpost, Bratislavskaya, Borisovo, Shipilovskaya, Zhulebino, Lermontovsky avenue, Lyubovskoy, Kotelniki
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2000 - 5000 rubles

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