💫 TOP master of a network of salons, practicing tattoo and permanent make-up master, founder of SHIP Estetic studio

Master teacher of international class.

Directions in work:

-Permanent makeup (tattoo)

-Laser tattoo removal and tattooing

-Remove with 6 types of remover

-Overlapping and fixing unsuccessful works

-Artistic tattoos

-Recovery of breast halos after onco operations, camouflage of scars after augmentation surgery

💫 Founder of the Foundation to Support Breast Areola Recovery after Mastectomy

💫 Teacher of visiting master classes in Europe

💫Certified international trainer of basic courses and refresher courses

💫Author and developer of training programs, participant in the refinement of the "powdery eyebrows without correction" technique, participant in the development of the lightest and most stable pigments

💫Speaker of international forums

💫Has a diploma of higher art education

💫Judge since 2017 in the nomination "Powdery eyebrows" in the championship for eyelash extension and eyebrow shaping Open LashArt Championship

💫Aurora Diamond Award June 2017 "For contribution to the development of the micropigmentation industry in Russia"

💫 Member of The Line Awards Board of Trustees since October 2017

💫Miss Good Deed 2020

💫 Curator of Beauty Rocket 9

💫 Creator of the first international online course "PERFECT CAMOUFLAGE" 2021

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Professional experience
15 years

Place of reception

Russia, Moscow, Presnenskaya embankment, 12 (metro Delovoy Tsentr 0.2 km, metro Mezhdunarodnaya 0.2 km, metro Vystavochnaya 0.3 km, metro Delovoy Tsentr (Moscow Central Ring) 0.4 km)
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