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Olesya Viktorovna Kochneva


Olesya Viktorovna Kochneva is engaged in artistic tattooing. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, then the first thing you need to take seriously is finding the right specialist. There are many different styles, and each craftsman usually works in his own way. In the process of consulting with Olesya Viktorovna, you will be able to discuss the sketch and agree on all the details of the upcoming work. The master performs artistic tattoos.

Olesya Viktorovna is also engaged in tattooing. Do you dream of having even makeup at any time of the day? Thanks to the permanent pigments, this is possible. Olesya Viktorovna knows how to correct facial features without resorting to surgery. She will do eyebrow tattooing. The permanent is applied to the upper layers of the skin so that its destruction occurs only after 3-5 years. With the help of tattooing, you can get expressive arrows, a clear relief of the lips, and for lovers of something unusual - mischievous freckles and birthmarks. Olesya will do her best to make you a frequent customer.

The area of ​​the specialist's work is Leninsky (next to the Geologicheskaya metro station, Ploshchad 1905 Goda, Chkalovskaya).

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Geological, Ploschad 1905 Goda, Chkalovskaya
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