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Elkin Dmitry

Contact Information

City: Gomel
Place of work: Med. center, Gomel, Rechitsa, Zhlobin, Novozybkov
Mob. phone: 29-119-88-62
Instagram: yoladima

Information about the tattoo artist

Many people want to get a tattoo. But how to choose the tattoo that you don't want to remove in a few years?

Some people decide to find a photo of a tattoo on the Internet and modify it somewhat. Make a ready-made solution more unique. But there is a completely different way to emphasize your individuality and make all your wishes and fantasies come true - to work out a future tattoo with a master. Make an artistic masterpiece and apply to the body.

To do this, our masters will develop a unique sketch of a tattoo, and together with you, they will make adjustments and additions. You will end up with a unique tattoo. You can find ideas and see sketches of our masters in the photo below.

Portfolio of works