Earlier in Japan, tattoos were prohibited by law, they were worn only by members of the yakuza, for whom the drawing on the body was a kind of passport that could tell everything about a person: belonging to a clan, social status, character traits. Times have passed and the attitude towards tattoos has changed. Today it is one of the ways of self-expression that is popular all over the world. You can get a high-quality tattoo from Daria, a talented master who will help you bring any idea to life.

A specialist develops an individual sketch for each client, selects the colors of the future tattoo. The master treats his work responsibly; when providing services, he strictly observes the norms of SanPiN.

tattoo correction, tattoo sketch development, art tattoo

Professional experience

8 years

Place of reception

Russia, Moscow, Tovarishchesky lane, 1с2 (metro Marksistskaya 0.1 km, metro Taganskaya 0.3 km)
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