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Artem Teryaev


Artem Teryaev - master of artistic tattoo

in the Author's tattoo studio of Karina Sycheva.

Specialization: Artistic tattoo

Optional: Removal of tattoos, overlapping scars, scars, old tattoos.

Education: Medical



  • Cover up
  • Wikitattoo
  • Author's
  • White tattoo
  • Biomechanics
  • Blackwork
  • Gothic
  • Graphics
  • Dotwork
  • Celtic
  • Old school
  • Ornamental
  • Realism
  • Trash polka
  • Japan

    Master Artem Teryaev about himself:

    “I have been professionally engaged in artistic tattooing since 2007. I have a medical degree. I work in various styles. From the variety of themes I prefer tattoos: realism, trash polka, biomechanics, ornaments, old school and Japan.

    I don't give preference to one particular style, I find something interesting in each one. I try to take into account all the wishes of my clients. I specialize in covering scars and scars, as well as old, low-quality tattoos - this is one of the most difficult areas in the tattoo industry.

    I develop individual sketches. For me, the biggest reward for the work done is a satisfied and happy client. The character is cheerful 🙂 There is a hobby: nature, photography, painting. "

    You can read the article by Artem Teryaev about the question "Tattoo and pain" that worries many on the page of the official website of the tattoo salon here:


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Medical (2005).


1000 - 30 rubles

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