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Alexander Taryrakhmanovich Miniakhmetov


Alexander Taryrakhmanovich Miniakhmetov is engaged in drawing an artistic tattoo. If you decide to decorate your body with a tattoo, then the first thing that determines the success of the whole process is the selection of a specialist. There are many different techniques on the modern service market, and each master, as a rule, specializes in his own. In consultation with Alexander Taryrakhmanovich, you can jointly finalize the desired sketch and agree on certain points of the upcoming work. The master performs the overlap of low-quality tattoo works, the development of tattoo sketches. Alexander will try to make you become his regular customer.

The specialist travels to the Chkalovsky, Leninsky, Verkh-Isetsky districts.

overlapping an old tattoo with a new one, developing a sketch of a tattoo


NOU "Academy of Beauty and Health", a master of artistic tattooing (Yekaterinburg, 2013).

Experience and achievements
General practice

Private experience - since 2010.

Work experience - since 2010.

Geological, Ploschad 1905 Goda, Botanicheskaya, Chkalovskaya
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50 - 500 rubles
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